Bonney Creative - Vodka Cruiser Re-Launch

Vodka Cruiser Re-Launch

The No. 1 ready-to-drink brand has redefined itself. Vodka Cruiser takes the lead in a bold new move by Independent Distillers Australia.

The 2012 Vodka Cruiser brand re-launch was driven by Independent Distillers and Melbourne based agency Bonney Creative. The 12 month long project encompassed a new positioning and identity strategy which focused on ‘going back to basics’ – consolidating the 127 SKU product range into a more focused and robust 27 SKU portfolio. At the heart of the strategy is the celebration of what Vodka Cruiser does best –unparalleled flavour fusions.

Amber Bonney, the Director of Bonney Creative, says “… this project was as much about improving the integrity of the category as it was about protecting the future of the brand. Redefining the brand meant that we needed to uncover it’s genuine reason for being and connect the dots with consumers perceptions of the brand – ensuring we created relevancy and engagement again”.

Following an extensive investment in research there is was evidence that the Vodka Cruiser brand, and indeed the broader category needed a new approach given it was fraught with social, ethical and category challenges. The complexity of these issues is what inspired the dramatic and significant change in this brand. From the very beginning this project demanded a more superior product offering which addressed core human needs and desires; less sugar, increased natural ingredients and a more mature and gender-neutral brand aesthetic.

The new brand identity system and packaging has been designed to honor the product flavor. Taking inspiration from both traditional broadsheet design layouts to the more hand-crafted expressions of Henri Matisse’s paper cut series, the creative strategy hero’s the individual character of each of the new vodka fusions. Centered around the emotive expression “The Flavour of Life”, each individual flavour in the core range has its own unique character name and abstract symbol which not only expresses the taste in a functional way (Raspberry) but is enhanced by the character trait associated with each variant eg. Wild Raspberry, Pure Pineapple, Sunny Orange and Passionfruit and so on.

White is the new hero! It replaces an oversaturated technicolour approach that ultimately led to consumer confusion and visual clutter on shelf. It’s the simplicity of this pure canvas that allows the product colour to be showcased and creates a more refined, confident and understated aesthetic. Complemented by a significant investment in more premium packaging materials and finishing across all formats, this new range sets a new category benchmark. Forget the past and embrace the new future of Vodka Cruiser – The Flavour of Life.

Client: Asahi Premium Beverages
Labels: Hally Labels (Brisbane)
Wraps: BrandPack (Melbourne)
Cartons: Amcor (Melbourne)