Bonney Creative - Woodstock's New Look

Woodstock is Rolling Out

In late 2013 Asahi Premium Beverages re-launched their portfolio’s largest brand – Woodstock Bourbon. Following an extensive 10 month long process led by Kate Dowd (Marketing Manager), Kelly Jones (Brand Manager) and Bonney Creative (BC), the project encompassed a comprehensive visual identity strategy, portfolio architecture, packaging design (48 SKU’s) and new product development program.

Amber Bonney, the Director of Bonney Creative, says, “Woodstock is a brand people care about – both consumers and the brands owners. The opportunity for us to influence how people engage with the brand and the way it tells its story was a big responsibility and one we progressed with eyes wide open”.

The brief was to create a new identity platform that not only addressed functional portfolio navigation challenges but also created a unique and contemporary storytelling strategy that had longevity in its through-the-line adaptability. The BC creative team set out to identify the unique character of the brand and its distillation history, telling its story through a unique and engaging language able to be adapted and evolve over time.  

The solution is an approach that is anchored in the heartland of the Woodstock brand and its Kentucky roots – crafted in genuine American Oak barrels. The new master brand identity system and packaging has been designed to bring to life the story behind the Woodstock distillation and barreling process. With an emphasis on storytelling inspired by a product truth, the team at BC created a solution which stripped away the brand’s old visual clichés and created a design system which is new, hand-crafted and captures the genuine down-to-earth qualities associated with the brand and its consumers.

Since the new brand re-launch, Woodstock has contributed to category growth via the high ABV NPD’s – the 12% Reserve and 10% Straight-line. Woodstock has also increased market share from 8% to 9.1% to become #4 in the dark RTD category (MAT DEC 2013).

Woodstock is distributed by Asahi Premium Beverages.