Bonney Creative - Cricketers Arms Redesign

Cricketers Arms – Redesigning a Classic Melbourne Craft Beer

Asahi Premium Beverages approached us to develop a solution that not only addressed the brands positioning and credibility challenges, but unearthed its unique history and story; redesigning a classic.

Cricketers Arms has its heritage anchored in post-game mateship – sharing a beer after a long day in the field and embracing traditional sporting values; etiquette, camaraderie and achievement. The new Cricketers Arms masterbrand and packaging design was launched in October 2014 following an extensive 12 month brand strategy and identity design process.

Bonney Creative - Cricketers Arms Redesign Before and After

Cricketers Arms Redesign Before and After

To address the current challenges, Cricketers Arms’ needed to be re-branded and its position validated within the Craft Beer Category to allow for future planning and new product development. To help achieve the significant volume target goals and maintain its craft beer brand positioning, Cricketers Arms maintained lager as ‘hero’ driver while launching additional craft style variants (Pale Ale) to help build credibility and drive incremental volume.

Following a holistic and collaborative approach (a brand and category audit, identity workshop and four stage creative process) the unique story of the Cricketers Arms brand was unearthed. This became the strategic platform for the creation of a new visual identity system that captured the classic irreverent spirit of the brand while consciously shifted away from its overt cricketing associations. The revised strategy paved the way for a contemporary interpretation of the brands original story – one that celebrated a nostalgic Australian cricketing era. The romantic nature of these bygone days inspired a masterbrand solution that celebrated collective characteristics of the Cricketers Arms brand through each of its individual brews – Keeper’s Lager, Captain’s IPA, Journeyman Mid and Spearhead Pale Ale.

The new identity system and packaging focuses on increasing the brands presence on shelf and adding depth to its craft credibility and positioning via the artistic creation of new iconography, the introduction of premium packaging materials and finishing and more detailed brewing narratives.

Bonney Creative - Cricketers Arms Redesign

Cricketers Arms Redesign – Wraps

The heroic new monogram symbolises unification and togetherness – paying homage to the spirit of the brands ethos and its founding two partners. The interwoven ‘A’ and ‘C’ have been hand-crafted and are unique to the brand’s distinctive assets. The new Cricketers Arms brand and packaging delivers a visual solution that achieves stronger in-market cut-through, increased premium cues and sessionability appeal resulting in the brand delivering to its position as a more approachable, confident and quality craft beer.

This project has been featured in Food Magazine and The Shout.