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Bonne Maman – A Packaging Favorite

Having worked in the world of fast moving consumer goods for over 18 years, I have been witness to many different approaches to brand building and packaging design. While I pride myself on my strategic capability – that is, to consider my role in brand building from all facets with a focus on longevity, I sometimes have to take a step-back and review the basics.

I was reminded of this recently when making breakfast one Saturday morning. It was a usual 7am wake-up to the sounds of obscure children’s cartoons with a head frazzled by the knowledge that my day would soon be saturated with a plethora of child-focused social and sporting commitments. Prior to this onslaught, was a little bit of ‘me time’ and I began the ritual of coffee brewing and breakfast making. On this occasion it was locally made Zeally Bay sourdough with my favourite raspberry jam (not so locally made).

Introducing Bonne Maman.

No, my business did not do the packing design. Yes, I wish we had!

So why is my breakfast worth blogging about you ask? Well, as a business owner (and designer) my brain never really switches off and given my field of speciality, it means I am constantly critiquing, analysing and finding inspiration from the day to day products that surround me. It if fair to say that when I like something (or love it) – I give it my all and am loyal ’til the end. And for me, jam is one of those little indulgences that I happen feel passionate about.

Here are 6 reasons why this product is so successful:

  1. Shelf stand-out – in the sea of big household names, bold colours, fruit pictorials and product claims, it has significant cut-through;
  2. A simple story – Bonne Maman is French and it translates to mean “Grandmother”. An emotional trigger for warmth, comfort, reliability and nurturing. The power of this story is that it is inherently understood – you can ‘feel it’ at an unconscious level;
  3. Understated typography – traditional handwritten black ink on a white canvas. Concise and authentic;
  4. Iconic packaging form – the unique wide-mouthed glass jar harks back to an era when Mums and Grandma’s made jam at home. The gingham patterned lid is universally recognisable as a symbol of ‘hand-crafted’ goods. It feels reassuringly familiar and approachable;
  5. Sustainability – this is a jar you want to keep and reuse. The label easily detaches with a bit of soaking and there is subtle branding on the lid so it is perfect for housing all sorts of small foods and household items;
  6. Integrity – I love this jam – the way it tastes and the quality of the ingredients. It never disappoints me.
    Sometimes inspiration and appreciation can sneak up on you. This was one of those moments worth sharing. It reminded me that in the world of fast moving consumer marketing, we can be guilty of becoming caught up in a complex web of insights, data and strategy – forgetting that simplicity and honesty can sometimes reign king.

Amber Bonney