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Aunty Peg’s Golden Ticket

Our neighbours at Aunty Peg’s are a fantastic brew/shop/business any day of the week, but they are currently doing a little something extra that has grabbed our attention.  In one of the bags of their Senior Flamemaster blend is a GOLDEN TICKET!

The person who finds this golden ticket will win a Nitro Blade Comandante and an ‘ultimate coffee experience’ with Proud Mary Coffee Roasters (PMCR) director, Nolan Hirte (which completely sounds like it could be a whirlwind tour of a wondrous factory).

The reason this is interesting from a brand story-telling perspective (and we are all about the story) is how little work needs to be done for a huge effect.  The words ‘Golden Ticket’ are literally a golden ticket to associations with fantasy, serendipity, excitement; the treasure hunt, personal growth, and ultimately great opportunity and success.

It is both loveable and edgy, nostalgic and strange, fantastical with a desire to get to the truth of something.  Most importantly it translates into a healthy curiosity and desire from PMCR customers to see if they might be the one to find the ticket and seize the adventure.

Bravo Aunty Peg’s, we toast to you with our cup of cold drip.

Aunty Peg's Coffee