2016.05.09_BCblog_Agda Mentors

AGDA Victoria Mentorship Program 2016

Our Director Amber Bonney is an AGDA VIC Councillor and we are super pumped for the 2016 Mentorship Program.  The call for applicants is out, and we will be sharing the profiles of some of the mentors involved over coming weeks.

Being half of a mentoring pair is incredibly valuable for both parties. It is not often you get the opportunity to one-on-one pick the brain of someone who has found success in your chosen field; but that is what AGDA are offering. Their program takes care to match mentors and mentee’s based on what they each want from the experience so those lucky enough to be part of it will have the schedule and content catered to their own objectives.

Mentee’s must have at least 3 years industry experience as the professional-level mentorship is tailored to provide participants advice and training for issues relating to those currently employed, seeking advancement within the industry or even starting their own practice. Topics may include (but are not limited to) Business Development, Accounting and Administration, Legal issues, Working practices, Leadership and inter-personal skills.

See the AGDA website for more info and how to apply.