2016.05.30_BCblog_Agda Mentor_Chris Reay

AGDA Mentor – Christopher Reay

As a creative director and strategist of consumer branding Christopher has lead design teams in some of the UK’s and Australia’s top branding agencies, most recently at Landor Associates. In his 16 years in the industry he has produced campaigns and global re-brands for FMCG giants such as Unilever, Nestle, GSK and Mars, as well as creating numerous challenger brands across many categories.

He believes that articulating and elevating a brands purpose through design leads to ideas that are stronger and more original, and that this ultimately allows the brand to have a solid voice whilst competing in a world where change has never moved faster.

Despite the size or complexity of the project Christopher has found that simplicity always wins. He believes that the most important task we face is in distilling the information into a simple piece of visual communication that can be interpreted immediately and intuitively. This way of thinking is even more important now as our lives become more demanding, and our mental availability to make decisions of one brand over another becomes much smaller.

The AGDA Mentorship Program 2016 is calling for applicants and we will be featuring some of the mentors on our blog over the next couple of weeks.  Apply as a mentee for the opportunity to work with one of them!