Fiona Currie - Professional Shots - Out-takes

Professional Head Shots

Professional head-shots seem to be a dreaded necessity for anyone serious about their LinkedIn profile; but so often people ignore this golden rule and use a photo from their birthday/wedding/holiday or even a good old selfie.  We appreciate a decent selfie as much as the next person but they have their place, and professional representation is not it.

Fiona Currie - Professional Shots - Wooden Door

Last week, we convinced our friend and client Fiona from Xake that it was time take the professional head-shot plunge and we headed to Matt Irwin‘s gorgeous city central studio upstairs on Block Place.  He has several backdrops, mostly due to the virtues of the building and location.  Matt has the usual photographers screen, but we also made use of his white brick walls, and huge rustic wooden window closure. The noises from the lane-way below come up into the studio for the natural bustling-city ambience, and depending on the intent of the shoot, he sometimes will work with people out on his balcony, or down in the street.

Most people we know hate having their photo taken and the added fluffing involved with giant soft-box lights and adjusting lighting for each backdrop, and the sheer number of images taken over a shoot is extra intimidating.  As with anything creative, it is important to trust the process.  The first images are always a bit tense and weird, but as everyone relaxes the tautness goes out of them.

Our shoot with Matt and Fiona was hilarious.  We got the shots we needed, but probably because we took a tonne that we didn’t need while laughing or talking, or pulling blue-steel faces.  Fiona is happy for us to share some of the out-takes, and while these are unlikely to make in on to her LinkedIn page, there are definitely a couple of keepers!