2016.08.09_Jasmine One Month

One Month In and a Ginger Nut Addiction

It’s been one month since joining the BC crew and it is safe to say I can shake off any shyness or apprehension I first brought with me coming into a studio environment. The time has flown by but has also felt so substantial. I have slotted nicely into the fast-paced work dynamic and have formed great relationships with everyone here. It’s such a positive and nurturing place that is helping me develop  as a designer. It’s such a privilege to able to pick the brains of people with so much experience in the industry!

Seeing the process behind projects, from briefing all the way through to finished art and production, of products I see in the supermarket and purchase myself is quite surreal. I’ve had my fan-girl moments here and there! I know I will be well armed after I complete this Industry Placement Program through the abundance of help and expertise I have been offered. What’s more is my new-found love of Ginger Nut biscuits that the crew have introduced me to. Thanks BC for taking me under your wing!