Bonney Creative - Proud Mary Coffee

Aunty Peg’s Golden Ticket

Our neighbours at Aunty Peg’s are a fantastic brew/shop/business any day of the week, but they are currently doing a little something extra that has grabbed our attention.  In one of the bags of their Senior Flamemaster blend is a GOLDEN TICKET!

The person who finds this golden ticket will win a Nitro Blade Comandante and an ‘ultimate coffee experience’ with Proud Mary Coffee Roasters (PMCR) director, Nolan Hirte (which completely sounds like it could be a whirlwind tour of a wondrous factory).


Bonney Creative - Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman – A Packaging Favorite

Having worked in the world of fast moving consumer goods for over 18 years, I have been witness to many different approaches to brand building and packaging design. While I pride myself on my strategic capability – that is, to consider my role in brand building from all facets with a focus on longevity, I sometimes have to take a step-back and review the basics.READ MORE

Bonney Creative - Cricketers Arms Sales

Cricketers Arms – Design Effectiveness means good news!

Since the design refresh of the Cricketers Arms brand, sales have improved dramatically with a volume increase of 64% on last year*. This is great news for the brand and as a business we are so pleased to know that we have contributed to its growing success. This is a genuinly great product; we especially like the Keepers Lager and Spearhead Pale Ale which will no doubt be enjoyed during the warm Melbourne Summer days.

*Quarter to Nov 2014 – Total Off Premise (Volume: 9le) Source: Aztec Australia.
Bonney Creative - Cricketers Arms Redesign

Cricketers Arms – Redesigning a Classic Melbourne Craft Beer

Asahi Premium Beverages approached us to develop a solution that not only addressed the brands positioning and credibility challenges, but unearthed its unique history and story; redesigning a classic.

Cricketers Arms has its heritage anchored in post-game mateship – sharing a beer after a long day in the field and embracing traditional sporting values; etiquette, camaraderie and achievement. The new Cricketers Arms masterbrand and packaging design was launched in October 2014 following an extensive 12 month brand strategy and identity design process.


Bonney Creative - Woodstock's New Look

Woodstock is Rolling Out

In late 2013 Asahi Premium Beverages re-launched their portfolio’s largest brand – Woodstock Bourbon. Following an extensive 10 month long process led by Kate Dowd (Marketing Manager), Kelly Jones (Brand Manager) and Bonney Creative (BC), the project encompassed a comprehensive visual identity strategy, portfolio architecture, packaging design (48 SKU’s) and new product development program.

Amber Bonney, the Director of Bonney Creative, says, “Woodstock is a brand people care about – both consumers and the brands owners. The opportunity for us to influence how people engage with the brand and the way it tells its story was a big responsibility and one we progressed with eyes wide open”.


Bonney Creative - Woodstock Seal

Grass Roots Design for Woodstock

These concept sketches were produced in the early stages of the creative exploration of the new brand identity program for Woodstock bourbon.

Bringing to life the story of the barrels is at the heart of the new Woodstock bourbon identity and with the creation of the hand-painted ‘W Batched’ authenticity seal (seen in a wax finish in the 700ml bottle). This rustic device is both a functional navigational icon as well as a signifier of the craftsmanship in the coopering of the American oak use to produce the bourbon.READ MORE

Bonney Creative - Vodka Cruiser Re-Launch

Vodka Cruiser Re-Launch

The No. 1 ready-to-drink brand has redefined itself. Vodka Cruiser takes the lead in a bold new move by Independent Distillers Australia.

The 2012 Vodka Cruiser brand re-launch was driven by Independent Distillers and Melbourne based agency Bonney Creative. The 12 month long project encompassed a new positioning and identity strategy which focused on ‘going back to basics’ – consolidating the 127 SKU product range into a more focused and robust 27 SKU portfolio. At the heart of the strategy is the celebration of what Vodka Cruiser does best –unparalleled flavour fusions.