Bonney Creative - Milton Glaser Quote

Improving Design Education

Last Monday I gave a lecture to first year students on brand and packaging design at a prominent University here in Melbourne. This is part of the students curriculum in the Communication Design undergraduate degree and something I have been involved in for the past 6 years. While my time in this area is not financially motivated, I was disappointed to hear several months ago, that I was not going to be invited back due to a cut in higher education funding that ultimately did not prioritise engaging industry in paid guest lectures. Needless to say, I gave the lecture pro-bono.

As a former student and educator of design, I passionately believe in the importance of engaging the broader design industry in the education and mentoring of young students. These are formulate and critical years for a young person and I see it as our role in industry to help inspire and guide them as a supplementary support system to their academic theory and practical course work.


Bonney Creative - Good Beer Week

A Very Good Week in Beer

Last week was indeed a very good week in the world of craft beer and I well and truly immersed myself in the celebrations! Yep “Good Beer Week” had so much going on that it was hard to keep up. With 9 days (a true brewers week) of specialty intimate events, the CBIA Craft Brewers Conference, the Australian International Beer Awards and finishing off with GABS. It was a week that well and truly positioned Melbourne as the hub of craft beer in the Southern Hemisphere and a top 5 global craft beer destination.


Bonney Creative - Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman – A Packaging Favorite

Having worked in the world of fast moving consumer goods for over 18 years, I have been witness to many different approaches to brand building and packaging design. While I pride myself on my strategic capability – that is, to consider my role in brand building from all facets with a focus on longevity, I sometimes have to take a step-back and review the basics.READ MORE

Bonney Creative - Mash Collective

Stone & Wood – The Mash Collective!

Our very own beer craftsman, Damian Kelly, has spent the past moth flying up and back to Byron Bay to join the Stone & Wood ‘Mash Collective’ project. Read what the guys had to say…

“We’ve opened the brewery door to a new collective of creatives, bringing them in a couple of weeks back to brew the fourth Mash Collective…


Bonney Creative - Thanks

Two Years On and Time to Say “Thanks”

It is not often I sit idle. It is not often I take time to reflect, breathe or acknowledge how I got to where I am. My innate sense of being has always been focussed on ‘playing forward’ – know where I want to be and making it happen. No excuses. No expectations for ‘easy street hand outs’, just working hard and driven by my  acceptance that failure is right behind me lurking in the shadows.

In December 2011 following a 6 month soul searching sabbatical I received a call from a well respected friend and ex-colleague who recommended me for a project. I said yes – of course I can do that by the 22nd 3 days before Christmas and Bonney Creative Pty Ltd (BC) was born.


Bonney Creative - Sea Shepherd Cycling Jersey

Designing for a Good Cause

Amanda, our resident cyclist and designer, recently found a way help her favourite animal (the whale) by volunteering her design skills to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

She created a cycling jersey that reflects the distinctive camouflage pattern found on the Sea Shepherd fleet, the shapes that make up the pattern are the marine life that the organisation serves to protect. This includes whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and more. If you want to help out, but don’t think you are up to the adventures on board the Sea Shepherd fleet, then check out the cycling jersey on the Sea Shepherd website.